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Regulation Identifier Number 1012-AA27

ONRR 2020 Valuation Reform and Civil Penalty Rule

30 CFR Parts 1206 and 1241

Abstract: The Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) published a proposed and final rule to amend certain regulations on how it values oil and gas produced from Federal leases for royalty purposes, values coal produced from Federal and Indian leases for royalty purposes, and assesses civil penalties for violations of certain statutes, regulations, leases, and orders associated with mineral leases. ONRR additionally made some minor, non-substantive corrections to its regulations through this rulemaking.

On October 1, 2020, ONRR's proposed rule published in the Federal Register, at 85 Fed. Reg. 62054. Through the proposed rule, ONRR invited public comment for a 60-day period, which closed on November 30, 2020.

ONRR published the final rule in the Federal Register on January 15, 2021, at 86 Fed. Reg. 4612. The final rule was originally set to become effective on February 16, 2021. ONRR's final rule provided a separate compliance date under the DATES caption to establish that--for the amendments to 30 CFR part 1206 only--lessees must conform to the amended requirements under this final rule beginning with production that occurs on and after May 1, 2021.

ONRR subsequently published two delay rules in the Federal Register. The First Delay Rule, published on February 12, 2021, delayed the rule's effective date for 60 days, from February 16, 2021 to April 16, 2021. See 86 Fed. Reg. 9286. The First Delay Rule additionally opened a 30-day comment period to allow interested parties to comment on the impact of the delay to the 2020 Rule's effective date as well as issues of fact, law, and policy raised by that rule. The comment period closed on March 15, 2021. ONRR then published the Second Delay Rule on April 16, 2021, further delaying the rule’s effective date to November 1, 2021.

ONRR published a Notice of Proposed Withdrawal of this rulemaking in the Federal Register on June 11, 2021. The proposed withdrawal provides a 60-day public comment period. On September 30, 2021, ONRR published a final rule withdrawing the 2020 Rule.

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