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MMS-Offshore (Interest/affects to MRM)

Regulation Identifier Number 1010-AD01 Relief or Reduction in Royalty Rates--Deep Gas Provisions

30 CFR Part 203

Abstract: Declines in outer continental shelf production from existing fields need to be offset by new sources to keep up with growing demand.  Very little of the deep gas potential in shallow water areas of the Gulf of Mexico has yet been explored.  Extensive infrastructure already exists in shallow water, unlike in deep water, so new production could reach market quickly.  Because the most prospective tracts in shallow water are already under lease, most of the deep gas potential in shallow water may already have been acquired.  This rule proposes temporary incentives in the form of royalty suspension volumes for deep wells (at least 15,000 feet below significant energy action level) on existing leases that explore for or produce gas.

OMB Control Number 1010-0071

Title:  30 CFR 203, Relief or Reduction in Royalty Rates

RIN 1010-AC71

Relief or Reduction in Royalty Rates--Deepwater Royalty Relief for OCS Oil and Gas Leases Issued After 2000

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