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Regulation Identifier Number 1010-AD28

Immediate Temporary Reporting Relief

30 CFR Parts 216 and 218

Abstract: The Minerals Management Service (MMS) is publishing a final rule to provide immediate temporary relief to reporters in the aftermath of  Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The final rule provides an extension to pay royalties owed on Federal oil and gas leases and report corresponding royalty and production reports. On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf of Mexico coast of the United States.  Subsequently, in late September 2005, Hurricane Rita struck the Gulf Coast.  Both hurricanes caused extensive  damage to areas in which a number of Federal oil and gas lessees, particularly lessees of offshore leases, have their offices and principal operations.

This final rule extends the due date for monthly royalty payments and reports and monthly operations reports for Federal oil and gas lessees, royalty payors, and operators whose operations have been disrupted by one or both of the hurricanes to the extent that the lessee, payor, or operator is prevented from submitting accurate payments or accurate reports. Extending the due date for royalty payments means that late payment interest will not accrue for the period between the original due date and the new due date established by this rule.

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