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Current Information Collection Requests (ICRs)

ONRR's Current Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Approved ICRs

OMB approves, under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, ONRR ICRs. ONRR must have OMB approval to collect certain types of information, including information collected on many of ONRR's forms. OMB provides ONRR with written approvals to collect information after they receive supporting statements for the ICRs and a copy of the rulemaking giving notice of the ICR or after ONRR publishes a 60-Day Federal Register Notice (FRN) and then a 30-Day FRN. The rulemaking or FRN must, among other things, solicit comments on the burden to the public for collecting the information. This page provides links to the OMB approvals, ICR rulemakings, ICR FRNs, and ONRR's OMB approved forms for each of ONRR's current ICRs.

Discontinued Information Collection Requests are found at the ONRR Discontinued Information Collections webpage.

1012-0001 Accounts Receivable Confirmations

  • No ONRR Form

1012-0002 30 CFR parts 1202, 1206, and 1207, Indian Oil and Gas Valuation

  • Form ONRR-4109, Gas Processing Allowance Summary Report
  • Form ONRR-4110, Oil Transportation Allowance Report
  • Form ONRR-4295, Gas Transportation Allowance Report
  • Form ONRR-4410, Accounting for Comparison (Dual Accounting)
  • Form ONRR-4411, Safety Net Report

1012-0003 30 CFR parts 1227, 1228, and 1229, Delegated and Cooperative Activities with States and Indian Tribes

  • No ONRR Form

1012-0004 30 CFR parts 1210 and 1212, Royalty and Production Reporting

  • Form ONRR-2014, Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance
  • Form ONRR-4054-A,B,C, Oil and Gas Operations Report
  • Form ONRR-4058, Production Allocation Schedule Report

1012-0005 30 CFR parts 1202, 1204, 1206, and 1210, Federal Oil and Gas Valuation

  • Form ONRR-4393, Request to Exceed Regulatory Allowance Limitation

1012-0006 30 CFR part 1243, Suspensions Pending Appeal and Bonding

  • Form ONRR-4435, Administrative Appeal Bond
  • Form ONRR-4436, Letter of Credit
  • Form ONRR-4437, Assignment of Certificate of Deposit

1012-0008 30 CFR part 1218, Collection of Monies Due the Federal Government

  • Form ONRR-4425,  Designation Form for Royalty Payment Responsibility

1012-0009 30 CFR part 1220, OCS Net Profit Share Payment Reporting

  • No ONRR Form

1012-0010 30 CFR parts 1202, 1206, 1210, 1212, 1217, and 1218, Solid Minerals and Geothermal Collections

  • Form ONRR-4430, Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report
  • Form ONRR-4292, Coal Washing Allowance Report
  • Form ONRR-4293, Coal Transportation Allowance Report
  • Form ONRR-4440, Solid Minerals Sales Summary

Information Collection Requests (ICRs)