EMARF (External MRMSS Application Request Form)

Application that external users must complete, sign and mail to ONRR to establish access to the ONRR Data Warehouse Portal, where they can use the eCommerce web site for royalty and production reporting, and view their archived Royalty (2014), OGOR and PASR reports and Statement of Account. (May also be used by government auditors to establish access to the MRMSS.

A new External MRMSS Application Request Form (EMARF) will be available by the end of January 2016. If you are a new production operator, please contact Mr. Mike Smith at (303) 231-3383. If you are a new royalty payor, please contact Ms. Mary Dietrick at (303) 231-3318. If you are a new solid minerals reporter, please contact Ms. Cynthia Prien at (303) 231-3331.

Address/Addressee of Record Changes (Form ONRR-4444)

Print, fill out, and mail an original, signed Form ONRR-4444 to change the mailing address and/or the addressee of record for your company. You may submit a ONRR-4444 to direct each type of correspondence from ONRR to a different address/addressee. (Changes cannot be authorized by telephone or email.)

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (Form W-9)

Appeal Surety Forms

Although the expiration date on these forms has passed, you may use them until updated forms are published. The renewal process is underway.