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Crude Oil Market Centers


If you have questions regarding this information, please send an email to msarequests@onrr.gov.

The information provided on this page should only be used in accordance with the Federal non-arm’s length oil valuation regulations as described in 30 CFR Parts §§ 1206.103, 1206.113 & 1206.114 when selecting Crude Oil Market Centers

Approved Publications:

ONRR Approved Crude Oil Market Centers

Oil Types Market Center Location
Alaska North Slope Multiple Locations, U.S. West Coast
Bakken Blend Clearbrook, Minnesota
Guernsey, Wyoming
Bonito Sour Saint James, Louisiana
Eugene Island Saint James, Louisiana
Heavy Louisiana Sweet Empire, Louisiana
Light Louisiana Sweet Saint James, Louisiana
Light Sweet Houston, Texas
MARS Blend Clovelly, Louisiana
Poseidon Houma, Louisiana
Southern Green Canyon Nederland, Texas
Thunder Horse Clovelly, Louisiana
West Texas Intermediate Cushing, Oklahoma
Houston, Texas
Midland, Texas
West Texas Sour Midland, Texas
Wyoming Sweet Guernsey, Wyoming