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Fiscal Year 2017 Total Disbursements $7,111,809,625

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Quick Forms

ONRR provides all required forms for Reporters & Payers. Please choose a form below (forms in PDF format ).

New 2018 Operator Reporter Training

Please check out the training page for more information

Production, Royalty, and Solids Minerals Reporting

Production Reporting

Assure your company is correctly set up to report production for leases/agreements to ONRR.

Production Reporting Checklist

Royalty Reporting

Assure your company is set up to report and remit rental and royalties correctly and timely.

Royalty Reporting Checklist

Solids Reporting

Assure your company is set up to report production and royalty data and to remit payments to ONRR.

Solids Reporting Checklist

Payment Information

For Electronic, Indian Lockboxes, Jointly-owed Lease payments, deliveries and contact information.


ONRR Tweets

Temporary Physical Address Change for Denver Area:

Effective April 13, 2016, all courier service and in-person deliveries to ONRR should be made to the Denver Federal Center, Building 53, entrance E-20. Visitor parking is available near entrance E-20, with a phone to request entry. Call Armando Salazar at or Janet Giron at to gain entrance.

Training Videos

Data & Statistics

ONRR provides Federal production and revenue data for publication on the Natural Resources Revenue Data Portal.

NRRD Portal

Civil Penalties

The ONRR civil penalty program is a tool ONRR uses to encourage compliance and deter future violations. ONRR issues civil penalties when companies fail to comply with, or knowingly or willfully violate applicable regulations or laws. Such penalties are authorized by the Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act of 1982 (FOGRMA). ONRR has collected more than $55 million in civil penalties since its inception in 1982.Learn More