ONRR Press Release Catalog 2003

11/26/2003 Lillian Dennis attempting a ‘first’ for Hopi Tribe
11/18/2003 New World Water-Depth Drilling Record Set in over 10,000 Feet of Water
11/05/2003 MMS audit uncovers underpayments to American Indians: Companies ordered to pay $2 million more in royalties
11/04/2003 Winter royalty gas sale draws top bids
11/03/2003 States gain $1 billion + in FY'03 mineral revenues
10/02/2003 Taking the ‘mystery’ out of RIK
09/29/2003 Federal Indian Minerals Office gets Acting Director and New Auditor
09/26/2003 Federal Oil Valuation Comment Period Reopened
08/22/2003 MMS Welcomes New Chief of Public Affairs
08/21/2003 MMS, Wyoming Award Joint RIK Oil Contracts
08/20/2003 MMS Proposes Changes to Regulations for Valuing Federal Oil
08/14/2003 MMS and Louisiana Launch ‘Royalty-in-Kind’ Pilot
08/14/2003 Contracts Aim to Help Fill Strategic Petroleum Reserve
08/05/2003 Shell to Pay $49 Million in Settlement Agreement with Minerals Management Service
08/04/2003 FederalMineral Revenues Net $548 Million to 35 States in First Half of Year
07/21/2003 Access to MMS Online Information Returns
07/01/2003 Internet and Email Interrupted at Minerals Management Service
05/01/2003 Secretary Norton Announces $94 Million For State Recreation Grants From Land and Water Conservation Fund
04/29/2003 Interior Department Honors Best in the Oil and Gas Industry
04/10/2003 MMS to Hold Workshops on Regulations for Valuing Gas Produced from Federal Leases
03/31/2003 MMS Proposes Accounting and Auditing Relief for Marginal Properties
03/28/2003 MMS Director Johnnie Burton Wins Top Women in Energy Leadership Awards
03/26/2003 Secretary Norton Announces Major New Incentive For Deep Gas Production in the Gulf of Mexico
03/20/2003 Minerals Management Service, Louisiana Agree to Take Certain Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Royalties in Kind
03/17/2003 MMS Announces Winners of International Leadership Awards
03/05/2003 Royalty Policy Committee To Meet In March
03/03/2003 33 States Receive $753 Million In 2002 As Share Of Mineral Revenues Located On Federal Lands
02/12/2003 MMS to Hold Workshops On Regulations For Valuing Crude Oil Produced From Federal Leases
02/05/2003 MMS Honors STRAC Members with James B. Griffith Award
02/03/2003 President Requests $271.5 Million For FY 2004 MMS Budget
01/13/2003 Minerals Management Service Deputy Director Wins Presidential Award