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Coordination, Enforcement, Valuation, and Appeals

Bonnie Robson
Program Director

Bonnie Robson, ONRR's CEVA Director

Bonnie Robson is ONRR's CEVA Director, leading Programs in Royalty Valuation, Analytics & Risk Management, Enforcement & Litigation Support, Appeals & Regulations, and Indian Trust Outreach & Coordination.  Previously, Ms. Robson served ONRR as a Program Manager and Supervisor, as well as ONRR's sister agency, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, as a Program Analyst, Regulatory Specialist, and acting Chief of Staff.  Before her work for ONRR and BOEM, Ms. Robson was a partner in private practice litigating accounting malpractice and oil and gas royalty and tax issues; the principal drafter of 2010 royalty regulations implementing the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act; an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alaska on oil and gas lease, unit, royalty, tax, and pipeline matters; the Deputy Director and Petroleum Investments Manager of Alaska’s Division of Oil & Gas; and lead outside counsel to the Alaska State Legislature on oil and gas matters, including royalties on 4.5 billion cubic feet per day of anticipated natural gas production.  Ms. Robson has been a guest lecturer at some of the nation’s top law schools, including Columbia, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Duke, and University of California at Berkeley, as well as a speaker at Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation and Petroleum Accountants Society conferences.  Also, she served as a moot court judge for national competitions at Harvard.  Ms. Robson's undergraduate honors included a four year honors scholarship, summa cum laude, phi beta kappa, and her selection as the top economics graduate.  Ms. Robson is admitted to practice law in Alaska, California, Texas, and Washington, D.C.  She lives in Colorado with her husband and two Italian Greyhounds.