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Minerals Revenue Reporter Handbook
Release 3.0, dated 5/1/2015

Mary Dietrick
(303) 231-3318 regarding contents.

Minerals Production Reporter Handbook
Release 2.0, dated 9/15/2014

Susan Long
(303) 231-3079 regarding contents.

Solid Minerals Reporter Handbook
Release 1.0, dated 9/1/2015

Mike Anspach
(303) 231-3618 regarding contents.

Oil and Gas Payor Handbook

Oil and Gas Payor Handbook, Volume III--Product Valuation
Release 2.1, dated 2/15/2001

(800) 525-0309 or
(800) 525-7922 regarding contents.

Geothermal Payor Handbook

Geothermal Payor Handbook – Product Valuation
Release 1.0, dated 12/27/1996

Herb Black
(303) 231-3769 regarding contents.