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The EMARF is an online External MRMSS Application Request Form that is required for external users to gain access to the ONRR WebCenter Portal, which allows you to view your financial data and, optionally, the ONRR Reporting website (eCommerce) which you may use to report electronically.

EMARF (Online Form)

— External MRMSS Application Request Form

Address/Addressee of Record Changes (Form ONRR-4444)

Print, fill out, and mail an original, signed Form ONRR-4444 to change the mailing address and/or the addressee of record for your company. You may submit a ONRR-4444 to direct each type of correspondence from ONRR to a different address/addressee. Completed and signed Form ONRR-4444s may be emailed to forms.industry@onrr.gov.

Form ONRR-4444

— Address/Addressee of Record Changes

Designation Form for Royalty Payment Responsibility

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (Form W-9)

Appeal Surety Forms