ONRR Electronic Payment Options

See separate instructions below regarding payments to Indian tribes with a lockbox.

What You Are Paying Payment Options Required Reporting in Addition to Payment
Rent (except first year rent)
  Federal leases eCommerce “Rental Information” tab*
  Indian leases, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-2014
  Solid Mineral leases associated with a mine, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
  Solid Mineral leases not associated with a mine, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-2014
  Commodities except Solid Minerals, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-2014
  Solid Minerals, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
Invoices **
  FIN (Financial Terms), ACH, Fedwire
  IOR (Indian Over-Recoupment), ACH, Fedwire
  OTH (Other), ACH, Fedwire
  INT (Interest), ACH, Fedwire
Gas Storage, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-2014
Deferred Bonuses, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
Well Fees, ACH, Fedwire Form ONRR-2014
Offshore Acquisition Fees and Renewable Energy  
Offshore Oil and Gas Initial ROW/RUE Rental
Offshore Renewable Energy Initial Rental

*The online Rental payment system interfaces with to make an ACH debit payment—you must initiate Rental payments in eCommerce on the “Rental Information” tab.
**To receive proper credit, your invoice or bill number MUST be referenced in your payment transaction.

Per CFR §1218.51 (b) General instructions, you must make all payments to ONRR electronically to the extent it is cost effective and practical.

To check your rental obligations on line, see the Electronic Payment Options below for Rent Payments--Federal.  

    Rent Payment Contacts

    Deliveries to ONRR (NOT Including US mail)

    Payments to Indian Lockboxes (Tribes specified below)

    • Instructions
      Please include, or request that your bank include, the following information with your payment:
      • Company Name
      • Company Contact and Phone Number
      • Company five-digit ONRR-assigned Payor Code
      • Oil and gas reporters use the payor-assigned document (PAD) number(s) or invoice number(s) that correspond to your payment. (The PAD is item 4 on the Form ONRR-2014, Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance.)
      • Solid mineral reporters use the submission ID (PAR) number(s) or invoice number(s) that correspond to your payment. (The submission ID is displayed on the Main Payment Page of the Form ONRR-4430, Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report.)
      Lockbox Tribes and Addresses
      • Blackfeet Nation
        Electronic payment is required.  Contact Marvin Hamsher at, or 303-231-3123 for electronic deposit instructions.
      • Jicarilla Apache Tribe
        Lockbox mailing address:
        Jicarilla Apache Nation
        PO Box 3080
        Winston Salem NC  27102-3080
        Courier (delivery) address:
        Wells Fargo Bank
        MAC D4000-062 2nd Flr
        One West Fourth Street
        Winston-Salem NC  27101
      • Navajo Nation
        Lockbox mailing address:
        Navajo Nation
        PO Box 52543
        Phoenix AZ 85072-02543
        Include Acct No. 6008301569 on the payment.
        Courier (delivery) address:
        Wells Fargo Lockbox-S4001-01A
        Ref: Navajo Nation/Acct No. 6008301569
        1305 West 23rd Street
        Tempe AZ 85282
      • Southern Ute Indian Tribe
        Lockbox mailing address:
        Southern Ute Indian Tribe
        PO Box 973496
        Dallas TX 75397-3496
        Courier (delivery) address:
        Southern Ute Indian Tribe
        Bank One Lockbox 973496
        Attn: Regional Lockbox Tx1-0006
        14800 Frye Road
        Fort Worth TX 76155
      • Ute Indian Tribe
        Lockbox mailing address:
        Ute Indian Tribe
        PO Box 3271
        Salt Lake City UT 84110-3271
        Courier (delivery) address:
        Wells Fargo Bank
        260 N Charles Lindbergh Dr
        Salt Lake City UT 84116
        Reference Ute Indian Lockbox #003271
    • Contacts
      For assistance with Indian Distributee Codes and Leases, contact:

    Jointly-owned Lease Payments

    • Tribal and Allotted
      Report and pay 100% of royalties due on jointly-owned leases to ONRR, and put the BIA office Distributee Code on the payment. ONRR will allocate the revenue to the Tribe and the allottees.
      Questions? Contact:
    • CIRI Leases
      Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated (CIRI) leases are jointly owned by CIRI and the Federal Government.
      Report the CIRI portion and the Federal portion of a jointly-owned lease to ONRR on separate Form ONRR-2014s. Use payment method 2 on the 2014 for the CIRI portion.
      Reporting questions? Contact your Royalty Reporting Contacts.
      Pay the Federal portion to ONRR—a Distributee Code is not needed.
      Pay the CIRI portion directly to CIRI.
      Payment questions? Contact: