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ONRR Policy Materials

ONRR publishes guidance in the form of Dear Reporter Letters, Handbooks, Training, Unbundling Cost Allocations, and other policy statements of general applicability to help reporters and payors comply with ONRR's regulations and the governing statutes. Below are links to ONRR's guidance materials, along with links to ONRR's rules and regulations page and statutory authorities page.

An electronic copy of ONRR's current CFRs can be found on the GPO Electronic Code of Federal Regulations [eCFR].

Dear Reporter Letters

ONRR periodically sends Reporter Letters to active payors and reporters regarding important information such as system or procedural changes, deadlines, reporter training schedules, and updates to the Code of Federal Regulations.

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ONRR produces Handbooks for Reporters and Payors to help in timely and accurate reporting.

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Rules and Regulations

ONRR ensures compliance with statutory requirements, which includes rulemaking, information collection request (ICR) renewals, and administrative regulatory management support. These statutory requirements give ONRR the authority to fullfill its mission and to ensure that ONRR accurately collects and disburses all revenues from Indian and Federal mineral leases to appropriate recipients on time.

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Statutory Authority

To support ONRR’s Mission, we collect every dollar due, fulfill fiduciary responsibilities, and fulfill trust responsibilities. To do this, we verify reporting, conduct audits, enforce laws, regulations, lease terms and orders, and perform other compliance activities.

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ONRR provides live and video training to supplement our handbooks.

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Unbundling Cost Allocations

ONRR calculates UCAs for specific transportion systems and gas plants as well as Standardized UCAs for certain gas plants and geographic locations.

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Valuation Examples

Royalty Valuation produced and will continute to produce examples to assist ONRR stakeholders in correct valuation reporting.

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Additional ONRR Guidance

eCFR Update

The eCFR link has not been updated to include the reinstatement of the 2016 Consolidated Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Rule. Please see the July 1, 2016 Federal Register notice for the final rule.