Royalty Reporting (except Solid Minerals)

Reporter Set-Up and Maintenance

  • New Royalty Reporter Checklist — If your company has never reported and paid royalties to ONRR, you must complete these steps to assure your company is correctly set up to do so. View the Royalty Reporter checklist here.

  • Add a User under your Payor Code/Customer ID — Have each individual who will report royalties and/or require access to your company’s archived data perform the following:

  • Cancel a User under your Payor Code/Customer ID —The individual or their supervisor must contact the Enterprise IT Service Desk at 877-256-6260 and notify them to delete the individual’s User ID from that system.

  • Establish/Update Address and/or Addressee Contact Information — You must complete, sign and mail an original Form ONRR-4444 to establish your official mailing address and contact information with ONRR. Changes and updates can only be made via 4444—we cannot update contact information from phone calls, emails, or other correspondence.

  • Company Name Changes — Company name changes must be initiated by the company through BLM (for onshore Federal leases), BOEM in the Gulf (for offshore leases), or BIA (for Indian leases). ONRR and the company will be notified in writing that the name change is recognized and the effective date. For assistance with this process, please contact Disbursement & Distribution Support Services at 1-800-525-0309.

File Reports, and Research Prior Data

Log in to the ONRR Data Warehouse portal to access the eCommerce web site for electronic reporting, and to view your past Form ONRR-2014 reports.


Royalty Reporting


  • Form ONRR-4109 — Gas Processing Allowance (Instructions and Schedule forms included)
  • Form ONRR-4110 — Oil Transportation Allowance Report (Instructions and Schedule forms included)
  • Form ONRR-4295 — Gas Transportation Allowance Report (Instructions and Schedule forms included
  • Form ONRR-4393 — Request to Exceed Regulatory Allowance Limitation


  • Form ONRR-4410 — Accounting for Comparison\Dual Accounting (Parts A and B and Reporting Instructions included)
  • Form ONRR-4411 — Safety Net Report

Reporting Codes for Form ONRR-2014

Handbook and Training

Instructions and References


  • Electronic Reporting Inquiries

    Send questions regarding Form ONRR-2014 ASCII and CSV formats and eCommerce to
  • Royalty Reporting and Error Correction (Electronic Reporting Problems)

    ONRR contacts — assigned by customer name in alphabetical order
  • Lease/Agreement Maintenance

    ONRR contacts — assigned by lease-related topic, lease type, and state/geographic area