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New Solid Minerals Reporters Checklist

If you are a new solid minerals company, there are a number of requirements necessary to obtain system access that will allow you to report production and royalty data and remit payments to the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR).


Request a Solid Minerals Payor Code (Reporter ID Number):

Email Solids Reference at onrrsolidmineralreferencedata@onrr.gov or call your Solid Minerals Contact

Your Payor Code is a unique number beginning with MA followed by three digits (MAxxx) assigned to your company. The Payor Code must be used on all reporting and payment documents.


Complete and submit the Electronic EMARF form using the link below. Using the instructions provided complete and mail the Form ONRR-4444 and Form W-9.

  1. Online Electronic MRMSS Application Request Form (EMARF)Use Policy

    For questions related to completing the form please email ONRR at:

    onrrsolidmineralreferencedata@onrr.gov or calling your Solid Minerals Contact

    The EMARF establishes your individual account to access the Production and Royalty (P&R) Report and the Data Warehouse portal, which allows you to securely view/print previously submitted reports on line.

  2. Form ONRR-4444Instructions
    (Addressee of Record Designation for Service of Official Correspondence)

    Designates your official mailing address so we can direct each type of ONRR correspondence to the correct address and recipient. Completed and signed forms may be emailed to forms.industry@onrr.gov.

  3. Form W-9Instructions
    (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

    ONRR is required to collect a Taxpayer Identification Number for all persons with whom we do business.


Mail the originals in one envelope to the following address:

  • Office of Natural Resources Revenue
    RRM/Solid Minerals
    PO Box 25165, MS 63300B
    Denver CO 80225-0165

Do not use the general PO Box number indicated in the instructions for the two forms. The address above directs your submissions to Solid Minerals Services.

Reporting Forms

For detailed information and instructions on each reporting form, go to the Solid Minerals Reporting page.

Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report (P&R)
Form ONRR-4430 (ONLINE)
The P&R is required to report monthly production, sales, royalty owed, and other obligations such as rent, advance royalty, etc., for leases associated to a mine. You can also make recoupments and adjustments to previously reported data.
Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report
Form ONRR-4430 (PAPER)
This paper form is only for use by small businesses with no computer or internet capability.

If you need to make adjustments to reports submitted prior to August 2001 that were originally reported on a 2014, those adjustments must be completed on the 2014. If you are recouping advance royalty that was originally reported on a 2014, then you must recoup on the 2014.
Sales Summaries
Required for any month in which there were sales from a remote storage facility.
Facility Data
Required for any month in which you operate a wash plant, refining, ore concentration, or other processing facility for coal, sodium, potassium, or metals with ad valorem royalty terms.
Sales Contracts
Required semiannually. You must submit sales contracts, agreements, and amendments for the sale of all coal and other solid minerals with ad valorem royalty terms.

Payment Options

For detailed information and instructions on each payment method, go to the Payments page.

Pay.gov is a free, secure, web-based electronic option to make royalty and invoice payments to the ONRR. Pay.gov is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (holidays included).
ACH (Automated Clearing House)
You may remit payments to ONRR through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Your bank will prepare ACH payments based on your instructions then transfer your funds to ONRR’s bank account.
The U.S. Treasury Credit Gateway (Fedwire) is a proprietary application that allows you to submit electronic payments to ONRR for same-day processing through the U.S. Treasury.

Reporter Checklists

For new reporters: