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Training Dates and Information

Payor Training

Training Location and Dates

REPORTER TRAINING (Will cover both Production and Royalty Reporting)

Training Location and Dates - No Hotel has been selected at this time.

    Reporter Training (Oil and Gas) Houston, Texas

    Dates:                      May 13-16

    Location:                 TBD

    Registration: Registration will open April 15th

    Reporter Training (Oil and Gas) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Dates:                      July 15-18

    Location:                TBD

    Registration: Registration will open June 14th

    Reporter Training (Oil and Gas) Denver, CO

             Dates:             August 12-16

             Location:       TBD

    Registration:      Registration will open July 15th

Note: The classes will accommodate 30 people per class.  Classes will be repeated see class schedule to be posted.

Current Reporter Training Videos

Training Presentations


ONRR Video Team

A quick overview of the videos we provide.

Reporter Training Videos

Please watch video #1 first, before watching the #2 New Payor Overview and the #3 New Operator Overview Videos

1. Overview of Reporting to ONRR
.MP4 46MB
2. New Payor Overview
.MP4 43MB
3. New Operator Overview
.MP4 32MB
Basic eCommerce Navigation Video Series
Part 1
.MP4 42MB
Basic eCommerce Navigation Video Series
Part 2
.MP4 82MB
Basic eCommerce Navigation Video Series
Part 3
.MP4 49MB

Case of the Missing Data

Why ONRR Needs Accurate, Correct and Timely Data

Dual Accounting