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Valuation Regulations and Guidance

To Support the ONRR Mission, we provide guidance in accordance with Federal and Indian Valuation Regulations to ONRR employees, state and Tribal partners, and to reporters who need help determining product value.

Product Federal/Indian Links to Regulations & Guidance
Oil Federal Current Regulations
Oil Federal Historical Rulemaking
Oil Indian Current Regulations
Oil Indian Historical Rulemaking
Gas Federal Current Regulations
Gas Federal Historical Rulemaking
Gas Indian Current Regulations
Gas Indian Historical Rulemaking
Coal Federal Current Regulations
Coal Indian Current Regulations
Coal Federal & Indian Historical Rulemaking
Other Solid Minerals Federal & Indian Current Regulations
Geothermal Federal & Indian Current Regulations

Resources and Guidance

Valuation Determinations

Email requests for valuation determination or guidance to royaltyvaluation@onrr.gov

S&P BBB Bond Rates

To obtain the S&P BBB bond rate to use in your Return on Investment calculation, you may contact:
Standard & Poor's
(877) 772-5436 option 3, 2