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Appeals & Sureties

If you receive an order, demand, or Director decision, you should seek legal advice because these documents may adversely affect your rights.

The information provided here is for your convenience and is no substitute for legal advice based on your situation. The following are links to Federal or Indian royalty appeals regulations:

How to Appeal

30 C.F.R. Part 1290 30 CFR Part 1290

  1. An ONRR demand
  2. An order to report issued by ONRR or a delegated state
  3. An order to report and pay issued by ONRR or a delegated state
  4. An order to perform restructured accounting for an Indian lease issued by ONRR or a delegated state

43 C.F.R. Part 4, Subpart E 43 CFR Part 4, Subpart E

  • An ONRR order to perform a restructured accounting for a Federal oil and gas lease
  • An ONRR or BIA Director decision

Past, issued Director decisions are available through Gower Federal Service, with subscriptions available through the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.

To view Interior Board of Land Appeals decisions, click here.

How to Suspend Performance during an Appeal of an Order to Pay

Follow the Surety Instrument Posting Instructions for requirements to file one of the following:

Appeals Program Contact

Appeals Coordinator
(303) 231-3047

ONRR Appeals Program
Denver Federal Center, Bldg. 85
PO Box 25165
Denver, CO 80225

Sureties Contact

Kimberly Werner
Surety Instruments
(303) 231-3801