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U.S. Admitted as an EITI Candidate Country

On March 19, 2014, the United States was accepted as a 'Candidate' country to the global transparency standard of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The U.S. joins the over 40 countries that have committed to improved transparency of government revenues from the extraction of natural resources.

EITI Board Meeting in Oslo, Norway

Marking the U.S. Candidacy Acceptance at the International EITI Board Meeting in Oslo, Norway are from left to right: Bob Cekuta (U.S. Department of State), Clare Short (Chair-EITI Board), Greg Gould (U.S. Department of the Interior), and Jonas Moberg (EITI Secretariat).

Statement from Secretary Jewell: "Today's announcement underscores President Obama's continued and unwavering commitment to leading by example in promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance both domestically and globally. As stewards of the natural resources owned by every American citizen, the U.S. Department of the Interior is proud to lead the USEITI effort to build on the existing transparency and accountability reforms to our natural resource management that were launched under this Administration. This milestone is also a testament to the collaborative and participatory work of the USEITI multi-stakeholder group, which worked hard on the complex issues presented by the U.S. extractive sector to come to unanimous consensus on the USEITI candidacy application."


ONRR is providing expertise to support the implementation of USEITI.

Benefits of USEITI

  • The implementation of USEITI provides additional oversight to the collection and disbursement of the Nation’s mineral resource revenues and helps ensure the full and fair return to the American people for the utilization of these public resources.
  • Supporting the USEITI implementation advances the revenue reform efforts under way in ONRR and benefits the American public, whose interests will be better protected by a strong commitment to oversight and transparency.
  • To learn more about USEITI, please click here.
  • To learn more about the international EITI program, please click here.

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