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Federal Indian Minerals Office


Indian Feather Graphic used by FIMOThe Department of the Interior established the Federal Indian Minerals Office (FIMO) to provide and improve Indian Trust services to individual Indian beneficiaries in the management of their oil and gas mineral resources. FIMO has been structured to consolidate and integrate Indian allotted oil and gas management functions under one line of authority. Personnel from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR), work in conjunction with personnel from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration (BTFA) to provide one-stop customer service for allottees regarding all aspects of their mineral interests.

The first office of its type is in Farmington, New Mexico. FIMO-Farmington provides services that are responsive, consistent, and effective for individual Navajo mineral owners regarding oil and gas in the Four Corners Region. FIMO’s location in Farmington gives them an understanding of local market conditions, the methods whereby minerals are sold, and royalty distribution to Navajo allottees.

Inspection and Enforcement

FIMO works with BLM and other agencies to inspect all Navajo allotted oil and gas leased lands, and enforces mining regulations pertaining to operational, surface, and environmental issues. This effort includes the following:

  • Obtaining concurrence with or approval of applications for permits to drill, gathering systems, alternate measurement methods, Right of Way designs, and abandonments.
  • Conducting physical inspections of oil and gas sale facilities.
  • Investigating oil theft and other undesirable events.

Lease Administration

FIMO manages all issues pertaining to Navajo allottee leases, including processing ownership changes, obtaining proper bonding, collecting bonuses, overseeing lease sales, assessing values, monitoring rentals, and canceling leases.
Note: Lease sales are not being held at present.

Royalty Compliance

FIMO provides the following services:

  • Accounts for mineral royalties.
  • Reviews volumes used to compute royalties on the leases.
  • Ensures that methods used to compute royalties are in accordance with applicable Federal laws, regulations, and lease terms.


FIMO supports other Native American allottees and tribes upon request and as appropriate.