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Reporting & Paying

The information in this section helps Reporters and Payors who interact with ONRR to fulfill their responsibilities and resolve issues.

Production Reporting (except Solid Minerals)

This suite of web pages provides everything necessary for Production Reporters and Operators to set up an account and report production to ONRR, including all forms, support materials, and contact information.

Royalty Reporting (except Solid Minerals)

This portion of the web site assists Royalty Reporters to set up an account with ONRR, to report and pay royalties to ONRR, Tribes, and/or allottees properly, and to contact us for assistance.

Solid Minerals Production & Royalty Reporting

This web page contains the resources and forms necessary for Solid Minerals Reporters to set up an account with ONRR, to conduct reporting and paying activities correctly, and to contact us for further information.

ONRR WebCenter (eCommerce) Portal

Log in to WebCenter Portal for access to eCommerce and the P&R tool for electronic reporting and to view submitted reports. You can also access the Online External MRMSS Application Request Form (EMARF) from the portal.
WebCenter Portal User Guide


Provides links to printable files, along with information on CD and/or hard copy availability.

Reporter Letters

Lists all letters to payors and reporters sent by ONRR, organized by date and by subject.

Reporter Training

Contains information regarding upcoming training sessions, as well as the latest training presentations and handout.