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Production Reporting Contacts

Electronic Reporting Inquiries

Send questions regarding eCommerce to .

Electronic Reporting Problems

Contact your Onshore or Offshore Production Reporting Contact for all electronic reporting problems.

Onshore Production Reporting Offshore Production Reporting

ASCII TXT and CSV Assistance


Lisa Reimer
(214) 640-9049


Michael Nestlehut
(800) 525-7922 x3581
(303) 231-3581

Lease/Agreement Maintenance

Lease/Agreement Maintenance Contacts - assigned by lease-related topic, lease type, and state/geographic area.

OGOR – Oil and Gas Operations Report and Error Correction (Form ONRR-4054)

Onshore Production Reporting Offshore Production Reporting

PASR – Production Allocation Schedule Report and Error Correction (Form ONRR-4058)

Offshore Production Reporting

TIMS (Technical Information Management System) District and Regional Contacts

BOEM Contacts
BSEE Contacts

View the Production Reporting page for additional Production Reporting information.