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ONRR Electronic Payment Options

What You Are Paying Payment Options Required Reporting in Addition to Payment
Rent (except first year rent)
  Federal leases eCommerce “Rental Information” tab*
  Indian leases, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-2014
  Solid Mineral leases associated with a mine, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
  Solid Mineral leases not associated with a mine, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-2014
  Commodities except Solid Minerals, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-2014
  Solid Minerals, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
Invoices **
  FIN (Financial Terms), ACH, Fedwire,
  IOR (Indian Over-Recoupment), ACH, Fedwire,
  OTH (Other), ACH, Fedwire,
  INT (Interest), ACH, Fedwire,
Gas Storage, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-2014
Deferred Bonuses, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-4430 (P&R)
Well Fees, ACH, Fedwire, Form ONRR-2014
Offshore Acquisition Fees and Renewable Energy
Offshore Oil and Gas Initial ROW/RUE Rental
Offshore Renewable Energy Initial Rental

* The online Rental payment system interfaces with to make an ACH debit payment ‐‐ you must initiate Rental payments in eCommerce on the “Rental Information” tab.
** To receive proper credit, your invoice or bill number MUST be referenced in your payment transaction.

Per CFR §1218.51 (b) General instructions, you must make all payments to ONRR electronically to the extent it is cost effective and practical.

To check your rental obligations on line, see the Electronic Payment Options below for Rent Payments - Federal.

New Payor Checklist

If your company has never reported and paid royalties to ONRR, you must complete these steps to assure your company is correctly set up to do so.

Account Information Contacts

Accounts Receivable and Billing Contacts
Rent Payment Contacts

Electronic Payments

ACH Instructions (bank-initiated deposits to U.S. Treasury)
Fedwire Instructions (via proprietary application to U.S. Treasury)

Electronic Payment Contacts

Tanvir Mojumder
(800) 525-0309 x3668
(303) 231-3668
Michelle Van Vleet
(800) 525-0309 x 3178
(303) 231-3178

Rent Payments--Federal (via eCommerce to

Online Rentals Training Videos

Part 1: Basic Overview

This video covers the basic functionality of paying rents on federal leases in ONRR's eCommerce system.

Part 2: Add New Lease

This video covers how to add a new lease for online rentals in ONRR's eCommerce system

To see more videos related to Paying & Reporting please view the Reporter Training section.

Rent Payment Contacts

Candace Merrell
(303) 231-3517

Deliveries to ONRR (NOT Including US mail) Effective April 13, 2016

Mailing Address

Attn: Office of Natural Resources Revenue
All U.S. Mail
PO Box 25165
Denver CO 80225-0165
(303) 231-3162
Via courier (except USPS)
Bldg 85, Entrance N-1, Room 322
Denver Federal Center
Sixth Ave and Kipling St
Denver CO 80225
For questions about payments, contact:
Tanvir Mojumder

(800) 525-0309 x3668
(303) 231-3668

Payments to Indian Lockboxes (Tribes specified below)


Please include, or request that your bank include, the following information with your payment:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact and Phone Number
  • Company five-digit ONRR-assigned Payor Code
  • Oil and gas reporters use the payor-assigned document (PAD) number(s) or invoice number(s) that correspond to your payment. (The PAD is item 4 on the Form ONRR-2014, Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance.)
  • Solid mineral reporters use the submission ID (PAR) number(s) or invoice number(s) that correspond to your payment. (The submission ID is displayed on the Main Payment Page of the Form ONRR-4430, Solid Minerals Production and Royalty Report.)

Lockbox Tribes and Addresses

Electronic payment is required
Contact Cheri Baker at , or 303-231-3137 for electronic deposit instructions.

Lockbox mailing address:
Jicarilla Apache Nation
PO Box 3080
Winston Salem NC 27102-3080
Courier (delivery) address:
Wells Fargo Bank
100 N Main St.
Floor 05 D4001-051
Winston-Salem NC 27101-4047
Lockbox mailing address:
Navajo Nation
PO Box 52543
Phoenix AZ 85072-02543
Include Acct No. 6008301569 on the payment.
Courier (delivery) address:
Wells Fargo Lockbox-S4001-01A
Ref: Navajo Nation/Acct No. 6008301569
1305 West 23rd Street
Tempe AZ 85282

Note: Payment address will change effective May 26, 2020

Effective May 26, 2020, the lockbox mailing address and courier address will change. Checks for Tribal lease revenues must be made payable to the Navajo Nation Tribe, Distributee Code 341. All checks must include your Payor Code and the Payor-Assigned Document Number (PAD) from the corresponding Report of Sales and Royalty Remittance (Form ONRR-2014), or invoice number.

New lockbox mailing address:
Navajo Nation
PO Box 842479
Los Angeles CO 90084-2479
Include Acct No. 6008301569 on the payment.
New courier (delivery) address:
Lockbox Services-5052543
Navajo Nation
3440 Flair Dr
El Monte CA 91731
Include Acct No. 6008301569 on the payment.

Please note that the new Los Angeles deposit cut-off time is 10:00 AM PST.

Electronic payments will remain the same. Checks that are mailed to the old address will be forwarded for a year. Please make the appropriate changes for payments made after May 26, 2020, to this new lockbox address to avoid late payments and extended times to the new forwarding address.

Lockbox mailing address:
Southern Ute Indian Tribe
PO Box 973496
Dallas TX 75397-3496
Courier (delivery) address:
Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Bank One Lockbox 973496
Attn: Regional Lockbox Tx1-0006
14800 Frye Road
Fort Worth TX 76155
Lockbox mailing address:
Ute Indian Tribe
PO Box 3271
Salt Lake City UT 84110-3271
Courier (delivery) address:
Wells Fargo Bank
260 N Charles Lindbergh Dr
Salt Lake City UT 84116
Reference Ute Indian Lockbox #003271
Indian Distributee Code and Lease Lists

Indian Distributee Code and Lease Contacts

Latisha Williams
(303) 231-3138

Jointly-owned Lease Payments

Tribal and Allotted

Report and pay 100% of royalties due on jointly-owned leases to ONRR, and put the BIA office Distributee Code on the payment. ONRR will allocate the revenue to the Tribe and the allottees.
Questions? Contact:

Chris Davis
(303) 231-3977
CIRI Leases

Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated (CIRI) leases are jointly owned by CIRI and the Federal Government.
Report the CIRI portion and the Federal portion of a jointly-owned lease to ONRR on separate Form ONRR-2014. Use payment method 2 on the 2014 for the CIRI portion.

Reporting questions? Contact your Royalty Reporting Contacts.
Pay the Federal portion to ONRR (a Distributee Code is not needed)
Pay the CIRI portion directly to CIRI.
Payment questions? Contact:

Chris Davis
(303) 231-3977