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New Production Operator Checklist

Perform the following tasks to assure your company is correctly set up to report production for leases/agreements to ONRR.

Have an ONRR Operator Number Assigned

Offshore Production Reporters

  1. Contact an adjudicator in any Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Regional office to apply for an OCS Qualification Number. You need the number before you can become an OCS bidder, lessee, assignee or operator. Qualifying with any OCS Region allows you to operate nationally.

    Alaska Region
    (907) 334-5200
    Gulf Coast Region
    (504) 736-2436
    Pacific Region
    (805) 389-7837
  2. After you receive your OCS Qualification Number, call one of the following contacts to obtain your ONRR Operator Number, set up electronic reporting, and receive an explanation of reporting requirements:

    Primary Contact
    (303) 231-3627
    (303) 231-3383
    (303) 231-3389

Onshore Production Reporters

  • To obtain your ONRR Operator Number, to set up electronic reporting, and to receive an explanation of reporting requirements, email both contacts listed below:

    Stacey Lopez
    New User Contact
    Dustin Adair
    New User Contact

Establish Access to the ONRR Data Warehouse

Have each individual who will report production and/or require access to your company’s archived data, as itemized in the bulleted list below, perform the following:

  1. Read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy for External Users, and
  2. Complete and submit an EMARF by following the instructions attached to the form.

The ONRR Data Warehouse Portal provides secure access to:

  • eCommerce reporting web site
  • archived royalty reports (ONRR-2014)
  • production reports (OGOR-ONRR-4054, and PASR-ONRR-4058)
  • Statement of Account

Establish Your Contact Information

Submit at least one signed, original Form ONRR-4444 to establish your contact information. ONRR cannot enter contact information based on emails, phone calls, or other correspondence.

Form ONRR-4444 establishes address information for one or more correspondence types. Because our system allows one address/addressee for each correspondence type, you must submit separate forms for different addresses/addressees. New information will overwrite current information.

  1. Open the Form ONRR-4444
  2. Open and follow the Instructions for Form ONRR-4444 to complete, print, sign, and mail the form to ONRR.

Send a Form W-9 to ONRR

You must complete, sign and mail a Request for Taxpayer ID, Form W-9, to establish your account with ONRR. Please read the instructions carefully.