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Reporter Information Maintenance

Add a New User

To your Operator Number data/Payor Code/Customer ID.
ONRR grants access to the ONRR Data Warehouse to each new user who accepts the policy and submits a completed External MRMSS Application Request Form (EMARF). Each individual is responsible and accountable for actions taken under their User ID and may NOT allow new or replacement personnel to use a password assigned to them. Have each individual who will report production and/or require access to your company’s archived data, as itemized in the bulleted list below, perform the following:

  1. Read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy for External Users.
  2. Complete and submit an EMARF by following the instructions attached to the form.

Cancel User Access

To your Operator Number data/Payor Code/Customer ID.
The individual or their supervisor must contact the Enterprise IT Service Desk at 1-877-256-6260 and notify them to delete the individual’s User ID from that system.

Update Address and/or Addressee of Record contact information

Submit at least one signed, original Form ONRR-4444 to change your contact information. ONRR cannot enter or change any contact information based on emails, phone calls, or other correspondence.

Form ONRR-4444 establishes address information for one or more correspondence types. Because our system allows one address/addressee for each correspondence type, you must submit separate forms for different addresses/addressees. New information will overwrite current information.

  1. Open the Form ONRR-4444
  2. Open and follow the Instructions for Form ONRR-4444 to complete, print, sign, and mail the form to ONRR.

* Use the PRODUCTION RELATED LINKS list on this page to view additional Production Reporting information.

Change Your Company Name

Company name changes must be initiated by the company through BLM (for onshore Federal leases), BOEM in the Gulf (for offshore leases), or BIA (for Indian leases). ONRR and the company will be notified in writing that the name change is recognized and the effective date. For assistance with this process, please contact Disbursement & Distribution Support Services at .

Reporter Checklists

For new reporters:

File Reports, and Research Prior Data

Log in to the ONRR Data Warehouse portal to access the eCommerce web site for electronic reporting and to view prior reporting information (OGOR and PASR).