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Federal Gas Index Option

The information provided on this page should only be used in accordance with the Federal non-arm's-length gas valuation regulations as described in 30 CFR Parts §§ 1206.141(c) and 1206.142(d) when selecting the Index-based option.


Natural Gas

Approved Publications:

ONRR will exclude any natural gas index if it does not meet the following criteria as provided in the approved publications:

  • Volume must be at or greater than 25,000 MMBtu/day and at least five trades in each individual month
  • This criteria must be met for seven out of twelve of the months of the year preceding election


If you have questions regarding this information, please send an email to msarequests@onrr.gov.


Approved Publications:

Theoretical processing adjustments and T&F adjustments for use in non-arm's length NGL reporting under the Index Option for processed gas:

Adjustments GOM New Mexico Other Areas
Processing Adjustments 10¢ / gal 15¢ / gal 15¢ / gal
T&F Adjustments 5¢ / gal 7¢ / gal 12¢ / gal
Totals 15¢ / gal 22¢ / gal 27¢ / gal